Svensk Veterinärtidning (SVT)

The Swedish Veterinary Journal

Box 12 709, S-112 94 Stockholm, Sweden

tel: +46-70-164 67 59


Svensk Veterinärtidning is the only scientific veterinary journal in Swedish. It is published 12 times a year, and reaches almost all Swedish veterinarians, as well as veterinary pharmaceutical industries in Sweden and Scandinavia, the editorial officies of the major Swedish newspapers, most libraries and interested members of the public. In 2016, each issue was printed in about 3 600 copies. 


Technical specifications for advertisements

Format: 210x297 mm (A4)

Bleed: +3 mm (216x303 mm)

Type area: 176x252 mm

Number of columns: 3

Column with: 54 mm (1 column), 115 mm (2 columns), 176 mm (3 columns)

Column height: 252 mm

Printing technique: Offset

Screen: 175 lines/inch

Material: Digital documents. We accept:

– High resolution pdf with embedded images and fonts. Embedded images in colour must be CMYK and images in black and white must be in greyscale or bitmap.

– Images, saved as eps, tif or jpg. Image resolution must be 300 dpi at 100% size. Images in colour must be CMYK and images in black and white must be in greyscale or bitmap.

– Use profile ICC: ISO Coated v2 300%. Download it from, "Filer/Checklista".


Delivery of advertisements:

Always compress the material with Stuffit or Zip (not necessary for pdf). Name the file using the name of the advertiser and the issue of publication in the journal.

Send the file via e-mail to with a copy to


Enclosures: 3 700 copies needed, please contakt and for further information.


Prices from January 2018 for the time being

Size of the ad (width x hight): Price (in Swedish "Kronor", SEK), excluding agency commission rate. 4 % will be add to the price for agency commison rate.

Product and Job advertisements


Spread, middle: (426x303 mm including bleed of 3 mm)

28 600 SEK

Spread, other: (426x303 mm including bleed of 3 mm)

26 600 SEK

Page on the backcover: (216x275 mm including bleed of 3 mm)

20 900 SEK

1/1 page: (216x303 mm including bleed of 3 mm or 176x252 mm)

19 100 SEK

2/3 page: (176x168 mm, 115x252 mm)

15 900 SEK

1/2 page: (176x129 mm, 115x194 mm)

12 300 SEK

1/3 page: (176x86 mm, 115x129 mm, 54x252 mm)

10 300 SEK

1/4 page: (176x64 mm, 115x97 mm, 54x209 mm)

9 200 SEK

1/6 page: (115x64 mm, 54x129 mm)

8 000 SEK



Advertisement under 1/6 page:
Please contact or  




Enclosure, max A4, max 20 grams

17 100 SEK 



A belly band is an ad that is wrapped around the outside of our journal. Folding and wrapping is included in the price but printing, paper and shipment to our printers is not included.

Belly band, 160 mm hight

Belly band, 242 mm hight

27 000 SEK

36 000 SEK


Issue dates 2018

Issue Issue dater Material deadline
01 23 January 19 December 2017
02 13 February 23 January
03 13 Mars 20 February
04 17 April 20 Mars
05 15 May 17 April
06 05 June 15 May
07-08 03 July 07 June
09      04 September 14 August
10 25 September 04 September
11 23 October       02 October
12 20 November 30 October
13 18 December 27 November